23 May 2010


Chanel nail polish, the pleasant opinion women gave from their fingertips. Fancied in gossip girl red or temper-tantrum black; even in clear, for the woman who wanted you to remember that she was one. There Chanel was shimmering, for every hand that waited to be kissed. This nail polish did more than paint pretty on fingernails; it was the gentle stroke of self expression. Under the C, came the liberation of young girls, whose fathers said "No" to painted nails in the 30's. It was the sparkle we saw from their fingers, as they read recipes from cook books in the 50's. It was the simple "Yes" women gave, when the world asked "Could we be both feminine and strong?" Under the C, women could be that and much more; fashionable and flawless just like the varnish of their choice.

17 May 2010


The 90's, a time where your wardrobe only begged for sexy cropped T-shirts and torn Levi jeans. When your mirror got jealous over the Cindy Crawford magazine clippings you pasted above it. A time when you held late night practice sessions of Naomi's infamous runway walk. Or even that afternoon at the salon, where you impatiently sighed, "Give me the Linda Evangelista". Surely the way Tatjana Patitz gently squinted her eyes, was the look we gave him on that first date. Perhaps it was the moment, when the natural beauty of Christy Turlington made those in fashion weep; there was a silence in her eyes that spoke of peace. Each of them, CT, NC, LE, CC, TP, initials forever inscribed in our hearts; the breath takers of a generation. Never forgetful of what they gave us. A reason to desire, a reason to hope, a reason to believe in fashion!

7 May 2010


You can't deny that summer is here, after viewing Diane von Furstenberg's S/S 2010 collection. These lovely lady cuffs are the coolest and safest slaps on the wrist you could ever receive. Teasing the wrist in colours like tennis ball green and snow cone blue, some slimming the arms with eye stretching stripes of purple and pink. Made for girls that wanna have fun, cut loose and sling their arms into a cast of colour. These bracelets were the perfect contrast for your summer tan, highlighting your skin tone in bright rainbow bands of every shade. Play match maker with these chromatic must haves, to go with that new maxi dress and vintage beach bag. This year, follow the yellow brick road up your arm and keep your limbs swinging in colour.

1 May 2010


Watch the eclipse closely, as we slide on sun cheating shades, bidding the spring farewell in the blink of an eye. Fashion designer Hussein Chaylan makes a bold statement this year, with this sunroof inspired hat/visor combo. Ladies, these sunglasses will be the only sunscreen you need for the beach, as you're sure to stay well protected in these stylishly shaped attention seekers. Experience summer in true cinematic vision through these motion picture inspired lenses. Store away your "It Girl" image of oversized shades and layoff the playful librarian look of thin frames; instead try on sophistication in these eye refreshing specs. These face animating shades steal the spotlight, as the ultimate eye accessory, sure to entertain your wardrobe in 2010.