29 September 2010



From the moment I saw her face I fell in love. But not in that silly girl crush kind of way, but like the feelings you felt when you first saw the Mona Lisa; I was in awe of her. This smoothly sculptured 20 year old, with a rich melanin the colour of mocha, won me over with one look. But this beauty was not locked away behind glass. And after 6 months of admiring her on the cover of magazines, she was now real and right in front of me in the lobby at London Fashion Week, asking me if I knew where the Vivienne Westwood show was being held.  For a moment, my mind voluntarily decided to ignore her question, my eyes then drifted over her slim frame, which was stylishly hidden under a long sleeve satin jacket, wrapped in by a gold buckle leather belt, a stretch miniskirt and  black tights. Suddenly, my lips began moving at an odd speed; profusely mouthing off about how wonderful I thought she was. A little embarrassed yet flattered, she then said in a sarcastically calm voice, "Thank you." Eventually, I snapped back into reality, took a deep breath and then nervously asked, "Is it alright if I interview you for my fashion blog?" Luckily for me, she gave me a polite but hesitant yes.

So in an exclusive and rather fun interview with this soft spoken beauty, I got to learn a few things about my favourite model in her very own words. Enjoy!

Holly Fulton S/S 2011 Collection
My Address is..
Kingston, Jamaica born and raised; for now it's New York.

When I was six, I told my parents I wanted to be..
I told them I wanted to be a model. I used to dress up in a plastic bag, modeling in my mom's shoes. 

My First big break came when..
I won the Carribbean Model Search competition in 2005; from my polaroid picture the judges picked me. Now I'm signed to New York Models Agency. 

My favourite moment..
When I got the cover of Love Magazine.

Jeneil Williams on the cover of Love Magazine.

True or False..Modeling is easy.
False!..[She laughs]..Some of the biggest challenges are like, trying to keep your weight down; trying to look good all the time in these beautiful dresses.

True or False..Modeling is fun.
True. You get to travel, meet a lot of people, work with great photographers and make friends.

So in your view, how realistic are shows like Top Model..
Top model is very realistic, they actually have it a bit harder, because they have more challenges than say a normal model.

Holly Fulton S/S 2011 Collection

Works everytime..My beauty secret.
Water. It works everytime, helps to detox my body and prevents any breakouts.

The Scenario..you're at a friend's house, undone with no make up on, when a cute guy walks through the door, in 60 seconds or less you...
Get moisturiser, eyeliner and lipgloss, that's all I need.

When I want to relax..
I play on my Nintendo DS  or chill with my boyfriend.

My favourite snack..
Cashew nuts in a tin. Gotta have them everywhere I go.

My last words..
Go for it. Keep pursuing your dreams, eventually you will get there.

24 September 2010



Fashion, the beginning.

A Fashion Insider steals the attention of onlookers in this burnt umber jumpsuit.

A soothing gem, shelled inside a ring of silver.

She wore lovely cap toe shoes covered in camel and auburn.

Side by side these two fashionista's stand, peering into the lense of the photographer's camera.

A chain of gold and silver metallics dangle fiercely from the neckline.

Dark sunglasses, the masquerade mask of the fashion world.

Layered loops vested over a little black dress.

Catwalk floorboards contrast well with these ankle boots the colour of paint brush white.

13 September 2010



Beautiful chiffon is seasoned with iridescent beads and dishevelled across the body, from the bust line to the waist, blowing gently as the model walks the runway. She floats as the lights above move over her, hopelessly lost on the model's silhouette, that is until the velvet rope arrives. Velvet made of woven tufted fabric, chosen in a mineral turquoise, is the unlikely hero sent to rescue her. She soon sits still, as she is softly fastened in at the waist, by a ribbon of velour. On the surface of the dress, the rough begins to dance with the smooth. They soon move as one; taking shade, beneath the ribs in a carmine red. Chiffon and her lustrous beads are no longer lost; once again free to roam the landscape of a woman's frame, all thanks to the velvet rope.

9 September 2010


Over at Balenciaga, they decided to sneak in a few non-traditional fall looks this season. Leaving blouses un-tucked amid prep school knits and unruly miniskirts; elongating the shoulders with pencil straight sleeves, then hole-punching yesterday's newspaper into a halter. Nicolas Ghesquiere was up to his old tricks, creatively fusing today's fashion with tomorrow's vision; canvassing fashion's future in crisp neon white and electric shock blue. Colour blocking platform shoes the colour of sliced cantaloupe and grated coconuts; but beware of the angry wooden hanger in your wardrobe, once it's been stood up by these finely stitched metallic tint cropped jackets, sure to cuddle with your shoulders instead this autumn. Yes, finally a moment in fall fashion, where trying something new didn't come with a "maybe I shouldn't have" afterthought; how exciting.

2 September 2010

A/W 2010

Anna Wintour, more than a petite frame used to charm Oscar De La Renta dresses, more than a flawless fringe that was sharp enough to cut pieces for Marc Jacobs' Ready-To-Wear collections. Even more than a pair Chanel sunglasses with folded arms, that slouched with a sedated look at the front row of every fashion week; this was a woman that sniggered at mediocrity and put boring out of business. The covers of American Vogue were forever changed by her, now it was highbrow fantasy, originality and fun; certainly a scandal to those that said the "short necks" or screen sirens if you prefer, only belonged on the cover of Hollywood billboards. But Anna begged to differ. Replacing the question mark at the end of the phrase "Vogue can do this?" with an exclamation mark "Vogue can do this!"

Editor-In-Chief, was just a tough nick name she earned on her way to the top floor of the Vogue office, but to those who knew her well, she was the ultimate "middleman in a Chanel miniskirt". She fixed up John Galliano with Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs with Donald Trump, she even discovered Alexander Wang, who gave us that perfect dose minimalism that we craved each season. AW had strength of mind you could only find in a woman, this gave her the passion and guts she needed to spot talent and creativity. You can't think of Vogue magazine without thinking of Anna Wintour and even if you tried, you wouldn't get any further than the editor's page inside.