9 September 2010


Over at Balenciaga, they decided to sneak in a few non-traditional fall looks this season. Leaving blouses un-tucked amid prep school knits and unruly miniskirts; elongating the shoulders with pencil straight sleeves, then hole-punching yesterday's newspaper into a halter. Nicolas Ghesquiere was up to his old tricks, creatively fusing today's fashion with tomorrow's vision; canvassing fashion's future in crisp neon white and electric shock blue. Colour blocking platform shoes the colour of sliced cantaloupe and grated coconuts; but beware of the angry wooden hanger in your wardrobe, once it's been stood up by these finely stitched metallic tint cropped jackets, sure to cuddle with your shoulders instead this autumn. Yes, finally a moment in fall fashion, where trying something new didn't come with a "maybe I shouldn't have" afterthought; how exciting.

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  1. visiting your post and I do think you are really born to be a fashion blogger