20 December 2010


In the Chanel Paris Haute Couture F/W 10.11 show, eyes gave their attention to Shu Pei Qin, the epiphany of Karl Lagerfeld's masterful collection. Her face, veiled beneath softly swept hair, bringing outline to her crescent cheek bones and slightly compressed lips. Below the neck, one found a meridian of pearls and diamonds, set against a talented halter dress in eggshell white;  her wrist betrothed to gold lockets and flawless gemstones. At ground level, pearl lattices latched onto ankle boots draped with gold ruchings, which was no doubt a compliment to Chanel's beloved two-tone signature. Qin was an island amongst many, set apart for her beautiful symmetry and slender, a treasure exposed on the catwalk of catwalks; brought to stand before Haute Couture as the unassuming elegance of the Autumn/Winter season.

17 November 2010



Germany, a country known for its luxurious cars and classical music, but who would have guessed that they had such a sweet tooth for beauty when they gave us not only one (that being of course Claudia Schiffer), but two slices of their finest dessert; Isabelle Surmont. This 5'10, slender yet sumptuous 19 year old muse, was the sensual pout I saw posing between the pages of a TBA designer look book last week. With a face as edgy and unpredictable as this one, it was no mystery as to how she became the face of Mark Fast's Faster campaign for his S/S 2011 Collection. I simply had to know what her measurements were, and in this pleasingly honest interview, I was certainly able to find out...

Isabelle Surmont for Faster by Mark Fast.

My Address is.. 
Hamburg, Germany is where my home is.

The moment I knew I was a model.. 
Actually I've been a model as long as I could think by myself. My first contract with an agency I had when I was only two and a half year old. When my parents moved from Kassel to Hamburg they became friends with a photographer who took a few pictures of me just for fun. Later I was discovered by Jan-Eric Luetjen who is one of the two owners of Place Model Management.

If I had not become a model I would be..
I have no idea because I did it my whole life! [She laughs]

One day,  I would like to be on the cover of..
Daze and Confused Magazine.

A catwalk show I would love to walk in..
Marc by Marc Jacobs because I just love his collections. It's cool but stylish, special but wearable.

I have a model crush on..                  
Lara Stone. She's stunning - she has such a beautiful and special face. Of course her "eyebrows" and her space of tooth are just amazing. She takes my breath away on every single picture.

If you want to make a name for yourself..
Always be yourself of course. You need to be a personality so that everyone keeps you in his mind. Stay on earth and remain true to yourself all the time.

If you want to survive in the industry..
Don't take everything too serious. And one of the most important things is that you should stay in touch with your friends and family. Never forget them because they, friends and family, are the ones whom you can count on and who make you happy and glad when you have a moment of loneliness..They are the people who make you feel home.

When I'm not getting my beauty sleep, I like to..
Hang around with my friends, family, boyfriend and my dog. I like to stay in bed a whole day and I also like to be outside at the Elbe, which is a river going through Hamburg, or in a wildlife park or zoo. 

Works every time..my beauty secret..
What is really good for your hands and feet is to massage them with coconut oil before sleeping.

Isabelle Surmont; top left corner.

Something you wouldn't know about me..
It's not a real secret but: I don't drink any alcohol and I never ever did it. I am also not looking forward to do so which is hard to believe for some people but a lot of people already tried to make me drunk but everyone failed!!!

The worse advice I can give..
Don't believe everything. I mean don't take everything to heart. Someone says you will never become a good model and others say you will do it! So there is no wrong and right. Just be yourself and as I already said: don't take everything too seriously!  

13 November 2010


The Aviator Jacket became the new body language of women everywhere this season in Burberry's F/W 2010 Collection. Out on a voyage to emancipate our shoulders, in a rich brew of coffee bean brown, foamed over in creamy sheepskin that ran down to the sleeve; never ignoring the soft shear-ling collar that emerged around the face. Navigating the female torso was made easy, by the chic cut of the jacket that came with novel asymmetrical zips and leather straps to compliment.  Providing a clear view to a woman's waist, which for now was gladly consumed by the pleated panels of a jersey dress. Legs marched forward down the runway, to a pleasingly distinctive sound, made only by the movement of stretched leather thigh boots. Christopher Bailey, never ceases to enthuse the modern day woman with his triumphant ability to create the "new look" with precious past time keepsakes; for this season it would be a "courageous new school" aviatrix, with warm woollen sheers, sent to do the job.

26 October 2010


Lanvin F/W 2010 Paris Show

She doesn't even blink when the evenly cut jet black fringe brushes against her eyelashes. In fact, it was because of her fringe that she could give such an endearing glance. It accentuates her oval shaped eyes, camouflages her eyebrows and beautifully animates her jaw line and cheekbones into perfection. The fringe leaves the remainder of the hair to run smoothly along the sides of the face; at the brim of her bangs, you can see all of her thoughts cascading down to her hair tips.  On occasion, her bangs would ruffle in the self manipulated breeze she created when she walked the catwalk or they'd shine briefly whenever she sat in the poorly lit light from backstage. But the real curiosity began when she appeared with this classic hairstyle in Lanvin's F/W 2010 Collection. She did it because she knew that some women had forgotten their own faces and how much fun their faces could have when they weren't constantly pulling hair out of it. She remembered how the absence of eyebrows, thanks to a neat fringe, made the eyes appear catlike and feminine. She wanted to give  back to the everyday woman. She knew that women everywhere could easily remake this sensuously unexaggerated look. It was simply to cold outside for slick back ponytails and fancy up do's, too politically incorrect for loose locks or tightly conservative buns. Luckily for us all, she was the brave example used to flaunt this forehead finessing fringe that certainly impressed this season.

9 October 2010


A man rummages through his briefcase, as he tries desperately to silence his phone. He is just in time, before the grieving widow comes walking down the runway in Yves Saint Laurent's F/W 2010 Collection. A billow of black veils her face, dimming the estranged look she gives; evidence of her femininity rest only on her lips in a blushing rose pink. Her tears run from her naked feet in shoes the colour of indigo. Sadly she is left to bemoan her lover this winter, with only a few plain black dresses, that is until her sorrow is made sweet by the guising black cape and tailored knee length skirts Stefano Pilati gives her this season.  He hides her suffering beneath a blossoming white blouse and then slips her frailty into elegant evening gloves that rise above the elbows. And though she mourns, she does so with glamour, as she daringly flaunts bespoke jewellery from her neck and waistline. Her misery begins to vanish with the appearance of an imperial purple frock and then comes to an end with a chartreuse yellow dress. Alas only her joy remains, along with a few kind words, left for the man who undoubtedly gave her this remarkable collection.

5 October 2010


In Chloe's F/W 2010 Collection, there were women, actual women. There were no emaciated mannequins with powdered pale faces or restricted hair lines forced back into a ponytail. No bare chests were exposed for the cool of winter nor were there any devouring red lips saved to kiss her lover under the mistletoe this Christmas. The woman was back, with bountiful blow dried hair that fell as softly as an autumn leaf, with naked lips that were subtly dipped in colour. The woman would shun away from plunging necklines and body-con cut-outs. She would discovered her silhouette in silk button ups and warm woollen high waist trousers; making movements down the runway look easy in tones of terra-cotta and rich saddle brown. She was longing to be layered in a long coat the shade of amber with a pair of shoes the colour of custard. She knew that evening did not come only in black, but could be bronzed by chestnut blouses and sand stone turtlenecks. But finally there came a woman that outnumbered the number; the tag inside was not printed only for a size zero or a size two; these clothes were made for all women along the curve. This woman was smart; she didn't mistake the words loose with baggy or comfortable with casual. She knew better, she was better and best of all she was here to stay.

29 September 2010



From the moment I saw her face I fell in love. But not in that silly girl crush kind of way, but like the feelings you felt when you first saw the Mona Lisa; I was in awe of her. This smoothly sculptured 20 year old, with a rich melanin the colour of mocha, won me over with one look. But this beauty was not locked away behind glass. And after 6 months of admiring her on the cover of magazines, she was now real and right in front of me in the lobby at London Fashion Week, asking me if I knew where the Vivienne Westwood show was being held.  For a moment, my mind voluntarily decided to ignore her question, my eyes then drifted over her slim frame, which was stylishly hidden under a long sleeve satin jacket, wrapped in by a gold buckle leather belt, a stretch miniskirt and  black tights. Suddenly, my lips began moving at an odd speed; profusely mouthing off about how wonderful I thought she was. A little embarrassed yet flattered, she then said in a sarcastically calm voice, "Thank you." Eventually, I snapped back into reality, took a deep breath and then nervously asked, "Is it alright if I interview you for my fashion blog?" Luckily for me, she gave me a polite but hesitant yes.

So in an exclusive and rather fun interview with this soft spoken beauty, I got to learn a few things about my favourite model in her very own words. Enjoy!

Holly Fulton S/S 2011 Collection
My Address is..
Kingston, Jamaica born and raised; for now it's New York.

When I was six, I told my parents I wanted to be..
I told them I wanted to be a model. I used to dress up in a plastic bag, modeling in my mom's shoes. 

My First big break came when..
I won the Carribbean Model Search competition in 2005; from my polaroid picture the judges picked me. Now I'm signed to New York Models Agency. 

My favourite moment..
When I got the cover of Love Magazine.

Jeneil Williams on the cover of Love Magazine.

True or False..Modeling is easy.
False!..[She laughs]..Some of the biggest challenges are like, trying to keep your weight down; trying to look good all the time in these beautiful dresses.

True or False..Modeling is fun.
True. You get to travel, meet a lot of people, work with great photographers and make friends.

So in your view, how realistic are shows like Top Model..
Top model is very realistic, they actually have it a bit harder, because they have more challenges than say a normal model.

Holly Fulton S/S 2011 Collection

Works everytime..My beauty secret.
Water. It works everytime, helps to detox my body and prevents any breakouts.

The Scenario..you're at a friend's house, undone with no make up on, when a cute guy walks through the door, in 60 seconds or less you...
Get moisturiser, eyeliner and lipgloss, that's all I need.

When I want to relax..
I play on my Nintendo DS  or chill with my boyfriend.

My favourite snack..
Cashew nuts in a tin. Gotta have them everywhere I go.

My last words..
Go for it. Keep pursuing your dreams, eventually you will get there.

24 September 2010



Fashion, the beginning.

A Fashion Insider steals the attention of onlookers in this burnt umber jumpsuit.

A soothing gem, shelled inside a ring of silver.

She wore lovely cap toe shoes covered in camel and auburn.

Side by side these two fashionista's stand, peering into the lense of the photographer's camera.

A chain of gold and silver metallics dangle fiercely from the neckline.

Dark sunglasses, the masquerade mask of the fashion world.

Layered loops vested over a little black dress.

Catwalk floorboards contrast well with these ankle boots the colour of paint brush white.