9 October 2010


A man rummages through his briefcase, as he tries desperately to silence his phone. He is just in time, before the grieving widow comes walking down the runway in Yves Saint Laurent's F/W 2010 Collection. A billow of black veils her face, dimming the estranged look she gives; evidence of her femininity rest only on her lips in a blushing rose pink. Her tears run from her naked feet in shoes the colour of indigo. Sadly she is left to bemoan her lover this winter, with only a few plain black dresses, that is until her sorrow is made sweet by the guising black cape and tailored knee length skirts Stefano Pilati gives her this season.  He hides her suffering beneath a blossoming white blouse and then slips her frailty into elegant evening gloves that rise above the elbows. And though she mourns, she does so with glamour, as she daringly flaunts bespoke jewellery from her neck and waistline. Her misery begins to vanish with the appearance of an imperial purple frock and then comes to an end with a chartreuse yellow dress. Alas only her joy remains, along with a few kind words, left for the man who undoubtedly gave her this remarkable collection.


  1. I loved that one! One of my Fall favourites!
    The details were amazing!!


  2. Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations.

  3. Great blog! Nice stuff, i really love the violet one. Thanks for posting.