26 October 2010


Lanvin F/W 2010 Paris Show

She doesn't even blink when the evenly cut jet black fringe brushes against her eyelashes. In fact, it was because of her fringe that she could give such an endearing glance. It accentuates her oval shaped eyes, camouflages her eyebrows and beautifully animates her jaw line and cheekbones into perfection. The fringe leaves the remainder of the hair to run smoothly along the sides of the face; at the brim of her bangs, you can see all of her thoughts cascading down to her hair tips.  On occasion, her bangs would ruffle in the self manipulated breeze she created when she walked the catwalk or they'd shine briefly whenever she sat in the poorly lit light from backstage. But the real curiosity began when she appeared with this classic hairstyle in Lanvin's F/W 2010 Collection. She did it because she knew that some women had forgotten their own faces and how much fun their faces could have when they weren't constantly pulling hair out of it. She remembered how the absence of eyebrows, thanks to a neat fringe, made the eyes appear catlike and feminine. She wanted to give  back to the everyday woman. She knew that women everywhere could easily remake this sensuously unexaggerated look. It was simply to cold outside for slick back ponytails and fancy up do's, too politically incorrect for loose locks or tightly conservative buns. Luckily for us all, she was the brave example used to flaunt this forehead finessing fringe that certainly impressed this season.


  1. Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed!

  2. the makup of the eyes are totally charm

  3. I do like your post ,totally high fashion...