22 March 2010


Prada S/S 2010 Collection

Alexander Wang S/S 2010 Collection

Miu Miu S/S 2010 Collection

Christian Dior S/S 2010 Collection

Whether you wanted Goldilocks in teddy bear brown or the Rita Hayworth look done over in creamy butterscotch, S/S 2010 fashion gave you all of the best threads. Blonde hair was clearly the designer’s muse of choice this season. Teased, twisted and tucked away behind one ear, ease dropping on this juicy new trend never felt so right. Hair dressed up for the runway, slipping into stylish curls and ponytails, next trying on golden and platinum tints; blonde hair softly yet dramatically illuminated the designer's collection. Each of these head pampering hairstyles were accentuated with a part, on the side or up the middle, giving more oomph to the striking stares on the face below. The self invented breeze from the models' walk, added volume to these come-hither hairdo's and with a sound that surely hummed blonde is back! It was blonde ambition with twist, literally! Fighting off clamps and clips and sophisticated up do's, these were the new and naive locks of womanliness, let down and free to be however they wanted.

20 March 2010



Phillip Lim


Peter Som

Vera Wang



Sticks in stones may break their bones, but looking at luxurious jewellery on models never hurt anyone! In several Spring/Summer 2010 collections, these eye stealing necklaces were at the centre of attention. From Vera Wang's metallic version of Charlotte's Web to Tresemme's collar hugging gemstones, it can be said that there was a clever miss match of beauty this season. This year, skin sinking stones, weightlessly sat around necks and gently rested on picnic blanket white dresses. Whether they hung low or held on tight at the nape, these lovely loops were lasso's that easily roped the eyes in. In Lanvin's collection, each eye batting piece took shape in flavours of gold and chandeliered above the designs. Precious stones, set in colours of prism purple and mermaid blue; some a playful mixture of summer orange and sea shell white combined with volcanic black gems. These necklaces were anything but elegant; they were unrefined and completely individual; made strictly for the "one of a kind" woman that chose to make pleasant remarks from her neckline. Certainly, these radiant necklaces were the bells that chimed in the start of spring.

16 March 2010


Christy Turlington

Omahyra Mota

Leatitia Casta

Irina Lazareanu & Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja Beha Erichsen

Toni Garrn

Natalia Vodianova

11 March 2010


Monika Jagaciak

Valentina Zelyaeva

Anna Selezneva

Chanel Iman

Being destitute never looked so lucky! But when you have prairie house pink dresses and air kissing blue scarves in your wardrobe, this season there's no way you can miss! In Ralph Lauren's S/S 2010 Collection, an American past time was revived, with simple navy-blue one buttons and soft white cotton knits, tucked under dust storm denim overalls. Ralph Lauren gave us a modern twist, by letting scissors dance with denim, combined with elegant heels, let loose to stomp the floor boards of the runway. Taking exciting trend risk, by bringing back leg roomy blue jeans and wind whistling skirt sets. Ralph Lauren gave young girls a way to be innocent yet bold in these sweet as apple pie pieces and let women be outlaws in these Bonnie and Clyde inspirations. This year, he told the fashion world a story, in a way that was inventive yet classic; a story that all us fashion lovers could never get tired of hearing.

9 March 2010


As my hand crept up the spine of the J'a Dore bottle, I began to smile at the thought of its scent. It was only a matter of time, before I could feel the delicate patter of perfume against my neck. And yet, it was only a day ago, that I dined with Coco Mademoiselle, only her fragrance could make the evening with him go smoothly. Perfumes were gentle mists that cuddled our necks and caressed our bodies. They flirted with our eyes in the shopping store behind the glass, from rose-watered pink to wine toasting amber, they came in every hue. In every shape, a one size fits all fairytale for our handbags. Perfumes could listen to a woman's heart and reveal her mood at that very moment. An aroma that spelt out love me or let me be; who could imagine such a big gift in such a tiny bottle? They were the treasures that sat on our mother's dresser, that as young girls we only dreamt of discovering. They were the reason we hugged her so tightly before she walked out the door; for we knew that in that delightful scent we could see and have all that made her beautiful.

6 March 2010


or those of us dreading the bone chilling cold of home, we can exhale early this spring thanks to Burberry's S/S 2010 Collection. Somewhere south of London, there is a field of snow being melted away by these creamy and peppermint inspired pastel palettes. The fashion connoisseur, Christopher Bailey, created a candy land of gabardine, enriched by luscious twist and folds, that were superimposed on each garment like the locks of Rapunzel. He made it his business this season to redefine the trench coat, taking it from basic khaki browns to buff sand shades and smooth camel tones. Retelling the traditional tale of spring colours, with chocolate mint green, wrapping paper blue and dessert indulging pink. Each piece outlined with cookie cutter buttons and ribbon belts, whilst models on the runway toted the classic House Check on their shoulders! This innovative collection secured a standing ovation for Burberry, whose illustrious designs have always sat at the forefront of the fashion carousel. Burberry, the Equestrian Knight of style, forever riding London fashion forward and into the future.

1 March 2010


As usual, this Sunday evening I sat uncomfortably in my black leather swivel chair, with my shoulders raised as high as eyebrows and my arms nipped in at my waist side and as usual my incorrect posture alone gave me away. I had stayed up all night watching online streams of several trend pioneering S/S 2010 shows. From Donna Karan to Burberry, it was a night of classic home cinema, to the surround sound beat of fashion. A dream of dreams to be there in person and feel the ambiance of a decorative crowd and listen to the harmonic sound of applause crescendo at the close. As I watched, I felt my eyes lusting after this conveyor belt of beauty that coasted up and down the runway in 5inch stilettos. Models, articulate dolls that cleverly spoke without their mouths, but instead with their silhouettes. Glamorous mannequins, placed outside the store windows and onto the daring catwalk for the "exclusive only" to see. A parade of beauty that did more than just swing their slender arms and give soul piercing looks, models were the human free falls on which any fabric could easily descend. Their necks were unassuming valleys that overlooked a designer's masterpiece. Their legs were optical illusions that convinced me that a woman's movement could be seducing and unforgettable. These were the unfamiliar pretty that we adored, with bodies that we trusted with our fashion devotions. The runway, the plank of the beautiful, where those willing to go over the edge survive!