6 March 2010


or those of us dreading the bone chilling cold of home, we can exhale early this spring thanks to Burberry's S/S 2010 Collection. Somewhere south of London, there is a field of snow being melted away by these creamy and peppermint inspired pastel palettes. The fashion connoisseur, Christopher Bailey, created a candy land of gabardine, enriched by luscious twist and folds, that were superimposed on each garment like the locks of Rapunzel. He made it his business this season to redefine the trench coat, taking it from basic khaki browns to buff sand shades and smooth camel tones. Retelling the traditional tale of spring colours, with chocolate mint green, wrapping paper blue and dessert indulging pink. Each piece outlined with cookie cutter buttons and ribbon belts, whilst models on the runway toted the classic House Check on their shoulders! This innovative collection secured a standing ovation for Burberry, whose illustrious designs have always sat at the forefront of the fashion carousel. Burberry, the Equestrian Knight of style, forever riding London fashion forward and into the future.

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