20 March 2010



Phillip Lim


Peter Som

Vera Wang



Sticks in stones may break their bones, but looking at luxurious jewellery on models never hurt anyone! In several Spring/Summer 2010 collections, these eye stealing necklaces were at the centre of attention. From Vera Wang's metallic version of Charlotte's Web to Tresemme's collar hugging gemstones, it can be said that there was a clever miss match of beauty this season. This year, skin sinking stones, weightlessly sat around necks and gently rested on picnic blanket white dresses. Whether they hung low or held on tight at the nape, these lovely loops were lasso's that easily roped the eyes in. In Lanvin's collection, each eye batting piece took shape in flavours of gold and chandeliered above the designs. Precious stones, set in colours of prism purple and mermaid blue; some a playful mixture of summer orange and sea shell white combined with volcanic black gems. These necklaces were anything but elegant; they were unrefined and completely individual; made strictly for the "one of a kind" woman that chose to make pleasant remarks from her neckline. Certainly, these radiant necklaces were the bells that chimed in the start of spring.

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