31 July 2010


July was very long and hot, but Autumn is finally here! Take a breather
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22 July 2010


It didn't take long for Miuccia Prada to steal that ball of yarn away from kitty to make her beloved S/S 2010 Collection. And by the time she finished, we were all purring for the prints that she left on these soft nose platforms, covered in a smooth satin skin, that easily pawed their way into our wardrobes this season. With colours like cotton candy pink and buttermilk brown, she toyed with our imaginations; kissing the foreheads of our feet in diamonds and crystals. Skinny straps and charming buckles sweetly embraced, at the neck of the ankle. Cat got your tongue yet? It was only natural after being left speechless by the beauty of each and every pair that came down the runway. The perfect heels made for the fussy feline who liked to be at least 4inches off the ground.This was the cat's meow of Miu Miu, that soothingly moaned after the affection of shoe lovers everywhere.

18 July 2010



12 July 2010


This is the story of Susy Brown and her dresses and how they both whispered into my heart, a secret about staying in love with fashion. Who would turn down a dance with pleats that could frolic all the way down to the knee in cerulean blue; or even the subtlety of a scoop neck with long sleeves? Not I said the cat, who had been visually pampered by the comfortable yet dramatic designs of SB. I could not have been the only one lucky enough to discover this secret, surely there had to have been others at Graduate Fashion Week,
eagerly ease dropping on her beautiful collection too.



ell me about the inspiration behind your graduate collection.

SB: My initial inspiration was the anatomy and structure of bird skeletons. Specifically there is a Victorian cabinet at the Natural History Museum, which breaks a bird down into component parts. It's a bit gruesome but it really helped to inform my ideas on silhouette, colour and texture.

LG: That is simply brilliant. It's obvious that fashion is really special to you, can you share with me why?

SB: I think fashion is so important to me because it can bring people alive. Clothes show the outside who we are on the inside; the ability to devise garments that can inspire and ignite someone's imagination seems like something really special.

LG: When you put it like that it sounds very special indeed. So now onto your first, what was the first thing that you ever designed?

SB: I'm not really sure what the first thing I ever designed was. I remember making my first dress with my mum's help when I was about 10; it was purple cotton with a square gypsy neckline and puffed sleeves.


LG: What has been your most challenging moment as a designer?

SB: Without a shadow of a doubt my hardest moment was the decision to redesign my whole final collection with 2 weeks left to make it. It was an insane decision as it meant pattern cutting, toiling and making my whole collection from scratch, but I managed it and I know it was the right decision to make.

LG: Well I am certainly glad to hear that. Now skipping a step or two, what advice can you give to other young designers now that you are in your final stage?

SB: Stick to your guns and trust your gut feelings; trust your own tastes and don't try and replicate anyone else's.


LG: So what's your GP?...your Guilty Pleasure that is.

SB: Dresses with volume. I'm really drawn to the movement of fabric and the way a fabric behaves, so I always enjoy designing a garment which allows the fabric to do the talking, which I guess is why voluminous and full dresses are my go-to design.

LG: That sounds lovely, so memorable. Speaking of something memorable, can you tell me of something of your mother's that you loved and admired?

SB: The smell of Diorella always makes me think of my mum at her most glamorous. It only came out on the most special of occasions, but the smell always takes me back to the most vivid early childhood memories of my mum in sheer black tights, a black polo neck wool dress, a small beaded black clutch bag and mid height black velvet heels.

LG: Bring it back, bring it back! So Susy, who and what do you want brought
back into fashion?

SB: I don't think there has ever been a chicer image than Helmet Newton's photo of Yves Saint Laurent's "le smoking" trouser suit. I 'd definitely bring back razor sharp trousers suits. It's such a powerful version of femininity.

LG: Ok very nice! I love YSL as well. Now, let's do a quick wardrobe check,
fill in the blanks:

During the day you can catch me in ______.
Then later on that night I'm wearing______.

SB: During the day you can catch me in tight jeans and a smocky top. Jewellery, lots!
Then later on that night I'm wearing heels and a dress!


LG: Ok I will wrap it up, but first tell me, is there anything you want to add?

SB: Just that I am in a scary but also an exciting place at the moment. It's strange to leave my degree behind, but that I'm really looking forward to any possibilities and opportunities that are hopefully in the future.

9 July 2010


Women can pout with their lips, but can they pout with their eyes? Designers Viktor & Rolf sure do think so. In their S/S 2010 Collection, they showed women everywhere just how to, with deep overshadows and under shadows that prolonged across the face; keeping the eyes quiet and cool in a glacial blue. Providing a smooth contrast between the edges of the face and slick back hair; next subduing a woman's jaw line into a blue and melancholy mystique. Smoothly extending the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes; then sweeping around almond shaped eyes, while powdering the brow bone in soft blends of pool side blue. Finally, going on to bath young skin in moisturising tones, as colour gently filled into the crevices of the eye. This was the ultimate way to maximize a woman's 20/20, who ever thought that Viktor & Rolf could do it all this season, with just a couple strokes from a make-up brush.

1 July 2010


Her waist was softly caressed by silk and chiffon; some days, it was slowly zipped in by satin. Many eyes were brought to a pause, by the diamonds that encircled her waist line. They gently held onto the waist of one woman and her name was Anna Dello Russo. Not only was she the Fashion Director & Creative for Vogue Japan, she was the Italian Mona Lisa smile, with a wardrobe so impressive and unforgettable, that to kill for it, would only be called a crime of passion. She exuded the essence of fashion, which could be understood in her eyes and from her lips when she spoke, but truthfully it was serenely enveloped at her waist. For Anna, a belt was more than a bulky strip of leather pulled through oversized loops; it was the epicentre of style that tenderly aligned a woman's figure. She was a true traffic jam, a head turner for men and women alike, postponing the busy streets of New York, Milan and Tokyo whenever she walked them. Her measurements were revealed by the shape and size of the ornaments she chose to blush with; seductively amusing from the place where one least expected. This was Anna's gift to those that love fashion, preferably up for grabs and for all to see.