1 July 2010


Her waist was softly caressed by silk and chiffon; some days, it was slowly zipped in by satin. Many eyes were brought to a pause, by the diamonds that encircled her waist line. They gently held onto the waist of one woman and her name was Anna Dello Russo. Not only was she the Fashion Director & Creative for Vogue Japan, she was the Italian Mona Lisa smile, with a wardrobe so impressive and unforgettable, that to kill for it, would only be called a crime of passion. She exuded the essence of fashion, which could be understood in her eyes and from her lips when she spoke, but truthfully it was serenely enveloped at her waist. For Anna, a belt was more than a bulky strip of leather pulled through oversized loops; it was the epicentre of style that tenderly aligned a woman's figure. She was a true traffic jam, a head turner for men and women alike, postponing the busy streets of New York, Milan and Tokyo whenever she walked them. Her measurements were revealed by the shape and size of the ornaments she chose to blush with; seductively amusing from the place where one least expected. This was Anna's gift to those that love fashion, preferably up for grabs and for all to see.

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  1. all i can say is amazing ,not only your post but this post and the pics