17 June 2010


Submit yourself, to the allure of the Panther Ring. Goodbye to unnoticeable gemstones and the teenage fetish of heart-shape rings. Instead, try wild on for size; subtly uncage all your inhibitions from your fingertips. Let the next clutch bag you carry, on your night out be enhanced by the untamed presents of the powerful panther. Let the panther protect you from boredom, by giving the usual office look a better reason to come out of your wardrobe. Melt in luxurious gold this summer, while being ambushed by emerald green gems and onyx coals. Know your animal rights; live seductively on the edge or at least look the part with one of these dashing showstoppers. From Cartier to Topshop, there a panther sits patiently, just waiting for you to unleash him.

1 comment:

  1. wow ,i do really love these kind of decorate item ,its design is cool and fantastic