11 June 2010


The class of 2010, graduated with pleasingly curious collections that wowed and wooed at Earl's Court earlier this week. Some were so mind blowing, that one soon begged the question: Were they really fashion amateurs? Young designers from around the country were set out to educate a woman's body on how to play with shapes and volumes.

Letting the heart on their sleeve show, for all to see, as they bravely designed in colours so rich and energetic, that even the brightest of rainbows seemed plain. They raised the bar in fashion; just enough to make those resting comfortably in the industry, stretch a little by giving back to back applauses.

Emily Sharp, University Arts College of Bournemouth
This was a Peter Tchaikovsky ballet inspiration, which spun black and white geometric shapes, into a spectacular catwalk performance.

Charlotte Smith,Manchester School of Art
Fruit residue was sure to be left behind, on the pair of scissors that made shapes out these life size woollen pomegranates.

Jessica Nicol, Manchester School of Art
Preferring the "hands off" approach, Jessica showed skill, with these softly drooping hand waving petals.

Poppy Warwicker-Le Breton, Manchester School of Art
Eyes gathered around these billowing knit skirts that calmly rebounded with each step.

Jack Duffy, Bath Spa University
Behold the new face armour of 2010, as collars stood tall against mid-cropped jackets and high waist skirts.

Leisemarie Schulte-Kitzing, Middlesex University
A tale of sweet sorrow was brought back to life in this moving collection. Romantically set behind a sheer veil of perfumed roses, which were then gently flatten by a tan leather vest.

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  1. Oh my god those are amazing! I especially like jessica nicol's and charlotte smith's designs!! truly awesome! I can already sense that these are going to be some big names in fashion!