14 June 2010


Rebecca Thompson, the sage and witty 22 year old from Southport, who studied over at Manchester School of Art, tried to convince me that she had no interest in becoming a fashion designer from early on. But I knew better, after seeing how this River Island Gold Award winner brilliantly taught the white swan to stand up and walk the runway. The movement of white was a joy to watch, as she allowed it to consume a woman's frame in sheers and pleats without ever overpowering the body. A neckline that usually stood stiff was made loose by elegant lace bows and frills. Legs were casually harnessed in comfortably tailored trousers. She suspended the rules of sophistication, which say, the words elegant and comfort do not belong in the same sentence. In this collection, Rebecca helps women to go beyond the norm, to achieve that special look, they've always dreamt of getting.



LG: Is it safe to guess that becoming a fashion designer was your dream?

RT: No, not actually. I never wanted to be a fashion designer; I only learnt how to sew when I started school at Manchester.

LG: So why fashion, why is fashion so important to you?

RT: As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, I feel fashion is a part of who I am, almost my imaginary friend. I carry it arround everywhere with me. Everything and anything can inspire me and there is no greater feeling than being around beautiful clothes, be it in the shops or at a show. It might sound crazy but I'm sure any fashion enthusiast will totally understand.


LG: What was the inspiration behind your Graduate Collection?

RT: My inspiration is that of 1930's Eastern European Jewish children's wear, from before the war. A combination of historic and modern cultures are within my collection.

LG: Well given how your inspiration derives from historic children's wear, exactly, what kind of woman were you designing for?

RT: A West London woman, older not really young. Someone who is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

LG: So tell me, what are a few backstage secrets or tricks you use to prepare for a show?

RT: The key to a successful show is to communicate really well with your dressers. I tend to make really elaborate dressing cards that are clear as to the style I wish to portray, hopefully successfully prompting the dressers to execute the look correctly!


LG: What's your guilty pleasure, what is your absolute favourite piece to design?

RT: lol...Well I am a huge "on the stand" person. I love to be playful and experiment.

LG: Very creative, but besides yourself, who are some are favourite designers?

RT: For me it's Betty Jackson and Nicolas Ghessquiere, head designer of the House of Balenciaga.
LG: Now, I'm gonna do a little check own your on personal style, fill in the blank for me: 
During the day, you can catch me wearing ______.
Later on that night, you can find me in ________.

RT: Okay well, during the day you can catch me wearing anything baggy, comfy and simple. Flats only, heels in the day never! Later on that night, you can find me in heels, with my hair and make up done.

LG: Name something of your mother's personal style or wardrobe that you loved and admired?

RT: Both my mum and my gran loved Chanel No. 5 perfume. It was always a smell that reminded me of being grown up. Hopefully when I grow up I can pull it off too.

LG: In that case you would love my entry Memories That Sat On Our Dresser. Now fess up, where does your Lipstick Sleep At Night? (check out my February and March entries)

RT: lol...well in any Marc, by Marc Jacobs, I love his handbags!

LG: Bring it back, bring it back! What fashion trend would you like to see brought back?

RT: Bring back the childlike silhouettes of Chloe 2006, I'm nostalgic already!


LG: Well it has been a real pleasure speaking with you. Before we go, can you give me a verbal sneak preview of what's next for you and anything else you would like to add.

RT: I will soon be starting my placement at the Royal College of Art and moving to London, so I am very excited. And I just want to say that I love the competition and I am honoured and blessed.


  1. Congratulations Becky, your collection is fantastic!

  2. look at the pictures ,and i just have a feeling that those girls are white snow princess
    wonderful design i must say

  3. as we all know the white is always in fashion
    so i do think these dress are classic and amazing