29 September 2010



From the moment I saw her face I fell in love. But not in that silly girl crush kind of way, but like the feelings you felt when you first saw the Mona Lisa; I was in awe of her. This smoothly sculptured 20 year old, with a rich melanin the colour of mocha, won me over with one look. But this beauty was not locked away behind glass. And after 6 months of admiring her on the cover of magazines, she was now real and right in front of me in the lobby at London Fashion Week, asking me if I knew where the Vivienne Westwood show was being held.  For a moment, my mind voluntarily decided to ignore her question, my eyes then drifted over her slim frame, which was stylishly hidden under a long sleeve satin jacket, wrapped in by a gold buckle leather belt, a stretch miniskirt and  black tights. Suddenly, my lips began moving at an odd speed; profusely mouthing off about how wonderful I thought she was. A little embarrassed yet flattered, she then said in a sarcastically calm voice, "Thank you." Eventually, I snapped back into reality, took a deep breath and then nervously asked, "Is it alright if I interview you for my fashion blog?" Luckily for me, she gave me a polite but hesitant yes.

So in an exclusive and rather fun interview with this soft spoken beauty, I got to learn a few things about my favourite model in her very own words. Enjoy!

Holly Fulton S/S 2011 Collection
My Address is..
Kingston, Jamaica born and raised; for now it's New York.

When I was six, I told my parents I wanted to be..
I told them I wanted to be a model. I used to dress up in a plastic bag, modeling in my mom's shoes. 

My First big break came when..
I won the Carribbean Model Search competition in 2005; from my polaroid picture the judges picked me. Now I'm signed to New York Models Agency. 

My favourite moment..
When I got the cover of Love Magazine.

Jeneil Williams on the cover of Love Magazine.

True or False..Modeling is easy.
False!..[She laughs]..Some of the biggest challenges are like, trying to keep your weight down; trying to look good all the time in these beautiful dresses.

True or False..Modeling is fun.
True. You get to travel, meet a lot of people, work with great photographers and make friends.

So in your view, how realistic are shows like Top Model..
Top model is very realistic, they actually have it a bit harder, because they have more challenges than say a normal model.

Holly Fulton S/S 2011 Collection

Works everytime..My beauty secret.
Water. It works everytime, helps to detox my body and prevents any breakouts.

The Scenario..you're at a friend's house, undone with no make up on, when a cute guy walks through the door, in 60 seconds or less you...
Get moisturiser, eyeliner and lipgloss, that's all I need.

When I want to relax..
I play on my Nintendo DS  or chill with my boyfriend.

My favourite snack..
Cashew nuts in a tin. Gotta have them everywhere I go.

My last words..
Go for it. Keep pursuing your dreams, eventually you will get there.