2 September 2010

A/W 2010

Anna Wintour, more than a petite frame used to charm Oscar De La Renta dresses, more than a flawless fringe that was sharp enough to cut pieces for Marc Jacobs' Ready-To-Wear collections. Even more than a pair Chanel sunglasses with folded arms, that slouched with a sedated look at the front row of every fashion week; this was a woman that sniggered at mediocrity and put boring out of business. The covers of American Vogue were forever changed by her, now it was highbrow fantasy, originality and fun; certainly a scandal to those that said the "short necks" or screen sirens if you prefer, only belonged on the cover of Hollywood billboards. But Anna begged to differ. Replacing the question mark at the end of the phrase "Vogue can do this?" with an exclamation mark "Vogue can do this!"

Editor-In-Chief, was just a tough nick name she earned on her way to the top floor of the Vogue office, but to those who knew her well, she was the ultimate "middleman in a Chanel miniskirt". She fixed up John Galliano with Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs with Donald Trump, she even discovered Alexander Wang, who gave us that perfect dose minimalism that we craved each season. AW had strength of mind you could only find in a woman, this gave her the passion and guts she needed to spot talent and creativity. You can't think of Vogue magazine without thinking of Anna Wintour and even if you tried, you wouldn't get any further than the editor's page inside.

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