17 November 2010



Germany, a country known for its luxurious cars and classical music, but who would have guessed that they had such a sweet tooth for beauty when they gave us not only one (that being of course Claudia Schiffer), but two slices of their finest dessert; Isabelle Surmont. This 5'10, slender yet sumptuous 19 year old muse, was the sensual pout I saw posing between the pages of a TBA designer look book last week. With a face as edgy and unpredictable as this one, it was no mystery as to how she became the face of Mark Fast's Faster campaign for his S/S 2011 Collection. I simply had to know what her measurements were, and in this pleasingly honest interview, I was certainly able to find out...

Isabelle Surmont for Faster by Mark Fast.

My Address is.. 
Hamburg, Germany is where my home is.

The moment I knew I was a model.. 
Actually I've been a model as long as I could think by myself. My first contract with an agency I had when I was only two and a half year old. When my parents moved from Kassel to Hamburg they became friends with a photographer who took a few pictures of me just for fun. Later I was discovered by Jan-Eric Luetjen who is one of the two owners of Place Model Management.

If I had not become a model I would be..
I have no idea because I did it my whole life! [She laughs]

One day,  I would like to be on the cover of..
Daze and Confused Magazine.

A catwalk show I would love to walk in..
Marc by Marc Jacobs because I just love his collections. It's cool but stylish, special but wearable.

I have a model crush on..                  
Lara Stone. She's stunning - she has such a beautiful and special face. Of course her "eyebrows" and her space of tooth are just amazing. She takes my breath away on every single picture.

If you want to make a name for yourself..
Always be yourself of course. You need to be a personality so that everyone keeps you in his mind. Stay on earth and remain true to yourself all the time.

If you want to survive in the industry..
Don't take everything too serious. And one of the most important things is that you should stay in touch with your friends and family. Never forget them because they, friends and family, are the ones whom you can count on and who make you happy and glad when you have a moment of loneliness..They are the people who make you feel home.

When I'm not getting my beauty sleep, I like to..
Hang around with my friends, family, boyfriend and my dog. I like to stay in bed a whole day and I also like to be outside at the Elbe, which is a river going through Hamburg, or in a wildlife park or zoo. 

Works every time..my beauty secret..
What is really good for your hands and feet is to massage them with coconut oil before sleeping.

Isabelle Surmont; top left corner.

Something you wouldn't know about me..
It's not a real secret but: I don't drink any alcohol and I never ever did it. I am also not looking forward to do so which is hard to believe for some people but a lot of people already tried to make me drunk but everyone failed!!!

The worse advice I can give..
Don't believe everything. I mean don't take everything to heart. Someone says you will never become a good model and others say you will do it! So there is no wrong and right. Just be yourself and as I already said: don't take everything too seriously!  


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