23 May 2010


Chanel nail polish, the pleasant opinion women gave from their fingertips. Fancied in gossip girl red or temper-tantrum black; even in clear, for the woman who wanted you to remember that she was one. There Chanel was shimmering, for every hand that waited to be kissed. This nail polish did more than paint pretty on fingernails; it was the gentle stroke of self expression. Under the C, came the liberation of young girls, whose fathers said "No" to painted nails in the 30's. It was the sparkle we saw from their fingers, as they read recipes from cook books in the 50's. It was the simple "Yes" women gave, when the world asked "Could we be both feminine and strong?" Under the C, women could be that and much more; fashionable and flawless just like the varnish of their choice.

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