1 April 2010


One might expect the hallways of Vogue's New York City office to be buttoned up in silence and consumed by the restless thoughts of busy editors, but an outcry from the voluptuous voice of Andre Leon Talley permeates them, with fashion proverbs by the ear full. For over 25 years, this North Carolina native and Vogue Editor-At-Large, has enthusiastically advised numerous fashion admirers; acting as a fashion mentor that tends to the creative mental education of designers, fashion writers and celebrities alike. In 2008, he was the reason for the pairing of Jason Wu and First Lady Michelle Obama, where the young designer brilliantly envisioned her inaugural dress, which lead to the joining of creativity with history to accomplish a moment where time stopped to dance with the President for an evening.

"It's not time that matters, it's the

quality of work, the quality of the vision

the quality of the

dream." -Andre Leon Talley

During every Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter fashion week, from New York to Milan, there he sat (at the front of course), eye scanning for the very best of a designer's collection, certainly for pieces of which style and trend lovers dreamt of taking home to their wardrobes. Schooled with an uncompromising insight into fashion, one would surely assume he was taught this from keeping company with the likes of Diana Vreeland or perhaps from the many years he spent in Paris; the home of haute couture by day or night. However, the unsuspecting teacher was in fact his grandmother, who he said gave him an understanding of luxury. Andre Leon Talley, the "house wine" of fashion, that stood a statuesque 6 feet 7 inches, with a cheshire cat grin that charmed; he most definitely was a masterful virtuoso that composed in print or in person. He was as sprightly as he was astute and his contributions to this highly coveted genre were countless; all of which could be relived through each issue of American Vogue.

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