20 April 2010


If the inspiration behind the Mulleavy sisters Rodarte Fall 2010 line was that of "beautiful sleepwalkers", then after viewing this collection, one would never want to awake this bevy of bedtime beauty. On the runway, each piece arose from a slow sleep, in soothing colours of blushing pink and candle wax white. Models' silhouettes were pillow cased in hand made crochet lace and in subtle chiffon, that quietly collapsed along the waist. Down below, legs kept warm in stylish mid-calf knit socks, which were pulled up behind shoe straps that bandaged over the ankle. Rodarte created nocturnal bliss for women this winter, giving them dream worthy eveningwear to choose from. Skipping over suggestive bodycon pieces, instead, allowing for a woman's body to escape underneath a potpourri of fabric. This collection found a way to sneak "Spring Pretty" into fall, a handsome surprise for which fashion followers will be very thankful for.

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  1. great post! the way you describe the runway is inspirational :)