13 April 2010


As we slowly slip each foot inside them, we become relaxed by the cool of the leather insole. The vanity mirror on our wall helps us choose as we play dress up. From its nose, where our toes lay rest, to its back, that seductively elevates us; high heel shoes were the guilty pleasures of a woman's posture. They were leg trimming illusions, with tiny daggers that tap danced on city streets. 4inches tall and unreachable to any "Plain Jane"; 4inches high for the moment a man dared to cross us. The prize of women who walked in them and the envy of women who had to watched them walk away. One had to look no further than a woman's feet to find a sneak peak of the latest "Sex in the City". In any worthy women's wardrobe, you could find a pair of classic pumps, sexy slingbacks and more than a few summer craving sandals just dying to come out. Some hopefully attached with slender straps and bite-sized buckles to compliment. It was a catwalk ready line up that you could hear purring from the shoe rack. High heels shoes were our stylish friends that accompanied us to that dreadful day job or to that lovely dinner by candle lite; they were the excitement we saved for those potentially dull moments. With every "now or never" footstep we bravely took outside the door, we were always reminded of why we do so, each time we look down at our feet.


  1. You are right! Totally right!


  2. I love how your writing compliments your pics :)

    PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)

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